Donation of goods

Helping instead of throwing away

At AVC, around 1,000 tons of relief supplies and donation of goods find a new purpose every year. Goods that do not (or no longer) meet the high requirements in Switzerland and are often discarded by manufacturers are given a new chance with us. Clothes, shoes, food and hygiene articles, but also bicycles, stoves and much more find grateful recipients in one of our project countries.

People in poverty often lack the most basic things. And even if money were available, various products are sometimes not available in the stores. Here donation of goods are a very valuable support!

We would be happy to clarify with you which donation of goods we can accept.

Private individuals

We gladly accept the following donation of goods. In case of doubt or for goods not listed here, please contact us:

  • Clothing: quality clothing, without stains or holes
  • Shoes: intact, tied in pairs, in separate bag
  • Bedding: washed, without stains, holes or other defects
  • Incontinence products: Liners, protective underwear
  • Medical aids: wheelchairs, crutches
  • Bicycles
  • Sewing machines
  • Tools
  • Complete tents (no camping equipment!)
  • Digital devices (cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc): max. ten years old, min. 3G
  • etc. 

Companies and institutions

Companies can help effectively with donation of goods. AVC Switzerland has extensive logistics and carries out transports of around 1000 tons of relief supplies and donation of goods every year. Examples of donations are:

  • Building material
  • Food
  • Detergents
  • Hygiene articles
  • Baby food
  • Tools/Machines
  • etc.

What we cannot accept at the moment:

  • Medicines or medical products
  • Baby carriages, toys, beds
  • Meat products of any kind
  • Fresh products
  • Refrigerated or frozen products
  • Furniture
  • Pet food
  • Liquid beverages
AVC Sachspenden Testimonial
»It's just incredible how much value a bicycle discarded here suddenly has again when it's taken out of a container in another country.«
Hansueli Lauber, Head of Logistics
Collection points

Here you will find AVC's clothing collection points throughout Switzerland. Find your nearest collection point and contact the person in charge.

Of course you can also hand in your goods directly to us in Safnern. Depending on the region, we have a need for new collection points - if you would like to open one at your location, please contact us!

Notes on donation of goods


We consider each person as precious and unique. That's why we want to provide them with goods and donations of an appropriate quality and in good condition (clean and intact).

Receiving Goods 

Please understand that we cannot accept all kind of donations offered. If used goods are provided that must be picked up, stored, and finally transported to those in need, the cost of doing so often exceeds the value of new purchases.


So that we can forward the clothes and shoes without sorting effort, please note the following instructions:

  • Sturdy cardboard boxes (e.g., banana boxes) or tear-resistant trash bags and mail sacks are optimal. Please do not use Tell-Tex, Solitex, Texaid, plastic bags or open bags.
  • Label boxes and bags with contents.
  • Separate clothes and shoes.
  • Seal dust-tight. Cardboard boxes will be stacked, so please do not overfill.

Cost Recovery 

Collecting, sorting, storing and transporting the goods to the destination countries involve costs for us. We would appreciate your participation in covering these expenses with a voluntary contribution of CHF 3 per bag or box.

Goods registration 

Large and corporate donations must be announced and agreed on before delivery!

What happens to my donation?

The majority of the donated goods are distributed directly to people or institutions in need or used in our projects - coordinated through our local partners (for example, furnishing an orphanage or the like).

Help for self-help

In some regions, in addition to an adequate supply of goods, there is also a lack of jobs. Second-hand stores can help to solve both problems.

Knowledgeable employees sort and sell the goods in our stores in various Eastern European countries. This creates new jobs. Unsold clothes are either given away or donated to social institutions, from which completely destitute people benefit.

With the profits generated from the second-hand stores, some of our projects are partly self-financing. For example, the "Center for Change" in Bulgaria. Individual secondhand stores also give a share of their proceeds to AVC's work in countries where Christians are persecuted.

Do you have questions about your donation of goods or would you like to report a donation to us? We are happy to be there for you.

AVC Hansueli Lauber
Your contact
Hansueli Lauber, Logistics manager
+41 32 356 00 80 |

From medical supplies to bicycles and Land Cruisers - action is guaranteed when packing a container full of relief supplies for South Sudan at the AVC warehouse in Safnern!

(Video in German)

From medical supplies to bicycles and Land Cruisers - action is guaranteed when packing a container full of relief supplies for South Sudan at the AVC warehouse in Safnern!

(Video in German)
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