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Help in the midst of crisis

Drought, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, famine, epidemics, war, suicide attacks… For decades now, disasters and violent conflicts have seen a dramatic increase and result in the loss of many lives every day.


AVC helps globally, quickly and effectively. Cooperation with local partners, churches and organizations in the countries affected ensures that the aid reaches those in need and does not leak into the wrong channels. AVC places great emphasis on helping people to help themselves so that those affected can lead self-determined, dignified lives.


In disaster situations a good cooperation with the Department for Foreign Affairs has developed in Germany. In this, work related to disaster relief is primarily carried out by Nehemia Christliches Hilfswerk e.V., founded by AVC.


Year Land Type of disaster Cooperation
2011 East Africa famine  
2011 Japan earthquake / tsunami  
2011 Iraq persecuted minorities foreign office
2010 Iraq persecuted minorities foreign office
2010 Poland flood  
2010 Haiti earthquake foreign office
2009 Iraq war foreign office
2008 China earthquake CCI
2008 Burma cyclone Hoffnungsnetz
2008 Iraq war foreign office
2007 Mexico flood foreign office
2007 Iraq war foreign office
2007 Sudan war foreign office
2006 Sudan war foreign office
2006 Tanzania famine foreign office
2006 Zambia famine foreign office
2005 USA hurricane  
2005 Serbia flood foreign office
2005 Guatemala flood foreign office t
2005 Sudan civil war foreign office
2005 Pakistan earthquake Hoffnungsnetz
2005 Romania flood Hoffnungsnetz
2005 Zambia famine foreign office
2005 India tsunami Hoffnungsnetz
2005 Thailand tsunami Hoffnungsnetz
2005 Sri Lanka tsunami Hoffnungsnetz
2005 Indonesia earthquake Java action medior
2005 Indonesia tsunami foreign office / Hoffnungnetz
2004 India Monsun Hoffnungsnetz
2004 Haiti cyclon foreign office
2003 Iran earthquake Hoffnungsnetz
2003 Iraq war Hoffnungsnetz
2003 Ethiopia famine foreign office
2003 Zambia famine foreign office
2002 Afghanistan war Hoffnungsnetz
2002 Zambia famine foreign office
2001 India earthquake Hoffnungsnetz
2000 Russia war foreign office
2000 Ethiopia famine foreign office